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A valued service partner

We have become a valued service partner to numerous industries providing interpretation, translation, and transportation services for companies involved in worker’s compensation, healthcare, legal, educational, and various public and private sectors. We commit and dedicate to helping non English speaking individuals by providing outstanding customer service and making your experience with International Translation Services, Inc a memorable one. Our dedicated team members are always ready to meet and exceed your expectations. We welcome an opportunity to have you join our network of clients who rely on our assistance and support!

We strongly adhere to HIPAA regulations.

We are proud members of various organizations that specialize in linguistics.

Below are some of the diverse services we cater:

  • Professional Translation: We have a team of experts that we use in order to make your translation accurate and punctual.
  • Proofreading: We proof every translation before handing it in.
  • Professional Interpretation: We offer on-site, over-the–telephone, nationwide and worldwide. A vast network of professional interpreters provide convenient access to clear and concise communication.
  • Industry Specific Experience: Business to Business (B2B) projects within a variety of market verticals benefit from highly trained specialists.
  • Transportation: No matter where in the world your injured worker needs to go, we’ve got you covered. From a simple office visit to the most medically challenging transfer, you can count on us for cost-effective, efficient service while providing the highest quality of care for your passenger. International Translation Services, Inc has the resources to transport workers with any type of injury, in any setting to any place in the world. Our staff members are fully qualified, equipped and ready to respond to your call.
  • Personalized Approach: Our committed staff members immerse themselves in your project to gain a complete understanding of your needs. We then devise an implementation strategy that will utilize our experience, technology and proprietary process to deliver a quality and cost effective solution.

If you require our services and want to rely on a global partner with professionalism and integrity, then contact International Translation Services, Inc now for an estimate.

Document translation

International Translation Services, Inc has a minimum of 3 linguists to create each project, a translator, editor, and a proofreader to guarantee flawless translation.

Document translation includes all forms of textual or graphical translation with the exception of email.

Examples of typical translations include items such as:

  • Legal/Financial: Contracts, affidavits, notarizations, birth certificates, powers of attorney, wills, marriage certificates, immigration, etc.
  • Business: Invoices, statements, notices, employee handbooks, policies, signs, websites, etc.
  • Public Relations: Brochures, advertisements, signs, press releases, web pages, etc.
  • Medical: Medical instructions, health plans, signs, etc.
  • Educational: Handouts, books, etc.
  • Governmental: Tax forms, notices, voting materials, signs, etc.
  • Personal: Transcripts, adoption documents, genealogy information, personal relations, etc.


The document translation lifecycle has 5 basic steps:

  1. Quote. Document(s) and instructions are submitted via email, upload, fax or standard mail. The project is evaluated and a quote is returned for your approval.
  2. Project Manager Assignment. Once the quote is accepted, a project manager is assigned to oversee all aspects of the translation project.
  3. Translator Assignment. Translators suited to your specific needs are selected from our pool of linguists.
  4. Editing and Formatting. The project manager oversees reformatting of the translated document(s), engaging graphic designers if necessary, to ensure visual continuity.
  5. Proofing. After formatting is complete, a proofreader native to the target language proofs and returns the document(s) for delivery to the client.

Because document translation is a multiple-step process unique among our other services, we utilize extensive online management tools to help keep you in the loop and in control during the translation process.

On-site Interpretation

How to Schedule

International Translation Services, Inc can provide on-site interpreters, scheduled in advance or on-demand. Appointments are scheduled in a way that makes sense for you:

  • Online Click Schedule an Interpreter Now
  • E-Mail Send us an e-mail at
  • Phone Call us any time at (516)972-0625
  • FAX Send a completed Interpreter Request Form to us at 516-972-0625

What You Need

Scheduling an interpreter online is simple. Click Schedule an Interpreter Now and answer some easy questions such as:

  • Appointment Information Enter the date, time, username and password. If you provide a Consumer Reference #, the consumer’s information will be recalled if you have scheduled with them before.
  • Consumer Information Enter the consumer’s name, language and contact information. If you’ve entered this for a previous appointment, it will be provided and you will be given an opportunity to update the information.
  • Location Enter the address and department of the appointment location. If you’ve scheduled an appointment at this location before, simply select it from a list.

You may also indicate any special needs, such as knowledge of a specific industry, attire, gender of the interpreter (if necessary), etc.

Applications of On-site Interpretation

On-site interpreters are used in a range of capacities, such as:

  • Business meetings, retreats or travel
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Medical office visits and/or emergencies
  • Legal consultations, depositions and court appearances
  • Social services
  • Personal communications

Telephonic Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation is used in a variety of settings such as:

  • Business to business
  • Parent/teacher
  • Patient/doctor
  • Lawyer/client
  • Courtrooms
  • Depositions
  • Customer service
  • Collections
  • Personal
  • Financial institutions

Our telephonic systems allow us to conference you and as many other people as necessary into a special telephonic conference room.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Connect with a live video interpreter through your iPad, tablet, laptop, or other video device and begin communicating immediately. VRI gives you virtually the best possible worlds of on-site and telephone interpreting at your fingertips.

  • Meet all regulatory requirements for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
  • Decrease costs involved in providing on-site interpreters
  • Improve interpreter response time
  • Provide a better customer or patient experience

Transcription & voiceovers

The importance of impeccable transcription cannot be understated. No matter the situation, transcriptions must be executed to the highest degree of accuracy due to the possibility that a decision in court can turn on a single word or phrase.

To ensure that your transcriptions meet the highest standards in your industry, International Translation Services, Inc tests each one with our four step quality assurance process. Due to the talent of our pool of transcriptionists, corrections are rare. Still, each transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

We provide transcription services for the following:

  • Depositions Court tapes
  • Medical Recorded Statements
  • Insurance
  • Business
  • Memorandums and other internal communications
  • Academic
  • Meetings

In addition to providing the highest quality legal transcription possible, we offer great turnaround times to meet your needs.

Uploading your audio files is easy with our two-step process. To get started, (click here) to submit your audio files for transcription.


Transportation specialties

  • Ambulatory transportation arrangements
  • Wheelchair and stretcher transportation arrangements
  • After hours and holiday services
  • Same day service
  • Travel Arrangements

Pleasant experiences

  • Prompt, friendly door-to-door service
  • We care about people, safety, time and comfort
  • Injured Workers are always treated with equality, dignity & respect

Professional service providers

  • Experienced, culturally diverse
  • Drivers are sensitive to the needs of your clients
  • Extra-attentive, courteous, kind and always service oriented

Superior vehicles

  • Utilizing only late model sedans and vans
  • All vehicles are spacious, air-conditioned, and clean